Dominik Cernelic

Author of DominoCMS and founder of Domdesign, music producer Rave Saint

I don’t see the goal, I just see the path far in advance. I don’t know what i will become, but I do know that I will keep on evolving and changing. This is why my time is always coming.

TEDx Krško - Failure is not an option

Dominik Cernelic

Dominik Černelič has been on the creative path since a very early age. His path led him through the processes of design, brand and identity development, to programming and advanced IT solutions development. He gained his experience home and abroad and his collaborate projects like Shayton Equilibrium gained world attention.

For the past 10 years he has been creating and developing under the umbrella of his company Domdesign, where he creates branding, identity, design, web and IT solutions for various notable companies and institutions mostly located in Slovenia.

Along commercial activities he is creating his own open source CMS system DominoCMS, which he uses as the base of his operations and plans to spread it around the world.

Rave Saint [Ascend into the Sky]

Rave Saint

Techno producer

Music was always a big part of Dominik's life. With primary music education as a youngster and a trumpet player in school bands, he started to write lyrics and rapping in his early teens under the name Q-Dom and as a part of the rap duo Colorz. He took his rap and writing skill to write lyrics for other artists in college years. Around his Architecture studies time, he started to develop his design and programming carreer. He helped to brand and design many Slovene known music names and his own music career was put on hold. The carreer in business was his priority as he wanted to establish a strong fundament for his creation. But music was brewing inside and it was only a question of time, when his endless creativity will spill back to music. At the time he realised his promise to establish his strong business, he started to dive in the Rave scene as a fan. His love of techno music and the rave scene pushed him to buy his first music production equipment with Ableton and the road was open. Corona was a great time for experimentation and his first goal was to educate himself and get to know with the production tools. As a designer and software developer, along with past knowledge of music software, learning the skills of DAW's was quick and the most important thing was to. Visiting Raves became not just a party but also a learning experience. After getting to know the software, listening to techno was never the same. It became a passion and a driver of creativity. In the time of corona  he created an array of demos, all still waiting for finishing and release. But the big push came at the EXIT festival 2022 where he engaged his girlfriend at 9 AM at the last minute of Boris Brejcha concert in front of a huge crowd. The engagement was filmed by the media and circled the social and news sites and became the feel good story of EXIT. After the festival the stage was and the energy was there for the challenge of releasing his first single named Rave Saint, describing the feeling of the whole 2022 rave season and his events in his personal life. His new fiancee added her voice to the track and the song was being ready for release which eventually came in December 2022. Now the process of the first release is complete and the future is open to a rich and creative production career. 

Dominik has no plans to become a DJ yet, his only drive is to create music and discover himself through music expression, but everything is open. The next step is the release of the next single named Inhale and already in the final stages of production.

Rave Saint [Ascend into the Sky]