Writings on the wall.

A couple minutes of peace and quiet

27. Januar 2017

Sometimes all that I need is a couple minutes of peace and quiet and my mind starts to alter and freeroam the infinite space of the universe.

Weekend projects are fun and great

17. Januar 2017

So, in another news and in the light of the upcoming US presidential inauguration, I made this quick weekend project and helped create a website for my friend Sandi Gorišek who wrote a book about the upcoming First lady. Using my DominoCMS I can do this kind of websites with realtime results in the matter of hours and in the first days more than 100 people have already signed up for the free audio book | check out more at

Friday 13th, good day to start new ideas

13. Januar 2017

Friday 13th is a good day to start something new. This first result is something completely unedited and unfiltered, but hesitating never creates anything. So I've got my first Vlog out and I will be deeloping this part of my need to express from now one and will get better from episode to episode.

Creative start of a new project

3. Januar 2017

A much larger identity branding project sometimes starts as a creative brainstorming process through a simple promo design as I have developed the new Kostak Group slogan and new design lines. I can never design even the simple task without going deeper and finding the core and the soul of the brand. Stay tuned for new insights in the upcoming months. More at

Mixing waters of design and national identity

17. December 2016

My fall design project for Slovene Armed Forces Orchestra where I had to focus on combining the national identity of Slovenia with armed forces feeling and insignia.

What I do shown in one simple ad

14. December 2016

Printed ad displaying the holistic solutions I create under the banner of my company Domdesign. From Corporate Identity and Branding, to Web and IT Logistics solutions the company uses to move thousands of packages daily to marketing and design ... On the base of high-end design and using the latest technologies I help the companies transition from the stone age to the digital age.