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»Less is (so much) more.« DČ QuotesMore »
»If you want to eat, you must catch it. There are no closing hours.« DČ QuotesMore »
»The difference between thinking and overthinking is action.« DČ QuotesMore »
»At the bottom of the deepest hole I find my soul.« DČ QuotesMore »
»You can't create the future if you don't respect the past.« DČ QuotesMore »
»Will I make it? All I'm riding on is belief.« DČ QuotesMore »
»Be happy for other people's success. It will bring you joy.« DČ QuotesMore »
»It's not a problem to forgive someone, the problem is they don't change.« DČ QuotesMore »
»When you know you are close, ask the sky to open.« DČ QuotesMore »
»You gain strength by saying NO and you keep strength by maintaining NO.« More »
»Failure is the only vehicle to success.« DČ QuotesMore »
»You only got one life to live/waste.« DČ QuotesMore »
»Life gets easy when you make easy hard and hard easy.« DC QuotesMore »
»If you want to be original, learn from other diciplines, not your own.« DČ QuotesMore »
»Imagination is stronger than reality« More »
»You don't have to be a great talker if you speak the truth.« DČ QuotesMore »
»Success comes when you relax and let go of the goal. but you won't get into the position of success unless you stress about it and pursue the goal.« DČ QuotesMore »
»If you will do shit all your life, you will have shit to show.« DČ QuotesMore »
»Always look different.« DČ QuotesMore »
»if you only choose the perfect notes, you will never make a sound.« DČ QuotesMore »